Imagination leads to discovery.

Beyond Yield™

Our teams are developing unique plant traits and new top performing canola, sorghum and sunflower hybrids that create new value-added markets and shared value chain opportunities. Our focus is Beyond Yield and here’s how it is making a real difference:

  • Land produced DHA-rich omega-3 for food, feed and pharmato reduce pressure on ocean fish supply
  • High quality, gluten free sorghum by converting the world’s fifth largest crop from feed to food production
  • Healthy oil alternativesfor the restaurant and food processing industry
  • More beef, pork, chicken and milk from the same amount of feed by enhancing the digestible energy in sorghum
  • Healthier sunflower snacksfor markets around the world and leading the premium confection sunflower category
  • Saving waterby delivering similar biomass and feed energy from drought tolerant sorghum to replace corn
  • Creating shared added value from grower to processor to consumer
  • A collaborative business culture that puts consumers and customers first, empowers employees and is committed to business excellence

And we are just getting started. Our low saturated fat and virtually trans-fat free Monola® canola oil and Wholisour premium food grade sorghum are two brands already bringing better nutrition to consumers.

These are exciting times at Nuseed. Our new Onyx premium all-black confection sunflower brand is innovative and industry leading and we will soon announce two brands that will help address the omega-3 deficit in our global diets.

Our commitment to Beyond Yield is about surpassing expectations. Surpassing what’s typically expected from a seed and a seed company.  It’s what makes Nuseed different.