Nuseed launches an exciting new program carried out by growers – for growers

At Nuseed, we pride ourself on being a different kind of agricultural seed company. We’re dedicated to enhancing food and feed value through seeds with greater purpose, and delivering value to our customers throughout the entire value chain.

Our portfolio of products are marketed in multiple countries throughout the world, with regional operating units delivering hybrids, traits, production techniques and seed treatments that are tailored to individual climates, soil types and markets. This is because we are focused on delivering the best outcome for you – in your backyard.

We recognise the need to deliver meaningful information to help you make more informed decisions. We understand that demonstration strips are readily accepted in the farming community, by using nearest neighbour analysis for example, as a means of variety performance.

In recognition of this, we are developing a comprehensive on-farm demonstration trial program called ‘Nuseed Crop Agronomy Trials’ program, or CAT Program for short. The Nuseed CAT program focuses on delivering customer solutions at a local level. The aim of this program is to encourage growers to trial some of our developing varieties in their local area. If you grow canola, sunflowers, grain or forage sorghum, then the Nuseed CAT Program could be in your back paddock.

Around the nation there will be a substantial amount of sites comparing current Nuseed varieties with potential new varieties. Nuseed material will be compared against competitor varieties with similar maturity, giving you confidence in the performance of crops on larger ‘farmer scale’ sites. Trial crops of Nuseed varieties will be branded as being part of the Nuseed CAT program.

What is the ‘Nuseed Crop Agronomy Trials’ program?

  • Demonstrations in large plots consisting of 2, 3, or 4 large ‘farmer scale’ strips
  • Farmer size strips could be greater than 1 hectare, sown and harvested with farmer equipment where possible
  • All trials will be measured and recorded for sowing times, sowing rates, fertiliser, herbicides etc
  • Crops will be visually accessed for agronomic characteristics
  • Yield & oil will be assessed at harvest
  • Provides data for local area – information is more localised than that provided by the NVT program
  • Profit margins will be assessed wherever possible

Our program aims to provide the most up-to-date varietal information about yield and agronomic characteristics to growers, agronomists and farm advisers. This is a great opportunity to see how Nuseed technology performs.

Essentially, the CAT Program will give growers and advisors an opportunity to see how varieties perform on large scales, and give access to important decision making information.

We look forward to having a CAT near you.


CAT Stories

Read our Nuseed CAT story:

“More than anything, it gives growers a sneak peek at new varieties of seed before they are commercially released so they can be more confident about how they will perform locally.” – Andrew Loorham, Commercial Manager, Nuseed

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