ATR Wahoo pushes canola yields higher

Nuseed’s latest triazine tolerant canola variety is bigger and tougher than average, just like the super fish it’s named for – the Wahoo.

When Westmere district grower, Jock Liston, tried 20 hectares of ATR Wahoo last season, he also found it higher yielding.

Mr Liston regularly tries new canola varieties on his farm to update his seed choices, manage blackleg resistance and maintain high yields.

“The seed companies are coming out with new varieties all the time with new features and higher yields, and you’ve got to keep up with it,” he said.

One of Nuseed’s new triazine tolerant canola varieties, Wahoo, offers growers a medium maturity crop with a good biomass, tall plants and high yield potential.

It was released last year and will be available throughout Australia in 2015.

“The plants seemed to be more robust, with bigger leaves, which made it more resilient to slug damage,” said Mr Liston.

He found Wahoo similar to his crops of ATR Stingray and ATR Gem, although being a medium maturing variety, it flowered later and held on longer for a later harvest.

Like many crops in 2014, Mr Liston’s canola was limited by a lack of rain in spring and yields were below average for the farm.

His crops also suffered slight frost damage, with two to three seeds per pod affected.

The new variety, Wahoo, achieved a yield of 2.2 t/ha while the rest of the canola averaged just under 2 t/ha. The crop achieved good oil levels at 45%.

“Another good thing about Wahoo is that it has a good big seed, which is good for test weights,” he said.

“I’ll have a go with Wahoo again this year and will aim to plant it a bit earlier to make the most of it.”

Wahoo has a blackleg resistance of R-MR with Jockey® Stayer® seed treatment and is in a different resistance group to Stingray.

“Growing the same variety for too many years increases the potential for blackleg problems, so it’s good to have a new variety to bring different resistance genes,” explained Mr Liston.

For more information on Wahoo canola for 2015, contact your local Nuseed Regional Sales Manager or visit our canola product page.

Jock Liston grew 20 hectares of Nuseed's new canola variety, ATR Wahoo, in 2014

Jock Liston grew 20 hectares of Nuseed’s new canola variety, ATR Wahoo, in 2014


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