On the Ground: Nuseed GT-53 in WA

New GT-53 canola for next season

Nuseed is releasing an exciting new hybrid canola variety for season 2017 for growers looking for a high yielding, adaptable variety that can perform across a range of conditions.

Nuseed GT-53 is expected to outperform current Roundup Ready® hybrid canola varieties, based on its trial results over the past two years.

According to Hugh Trenorden, Nuseed’s Area Sales Manager for northern Western Australia, the new variety is all class, with an appealing tough streak.

Nuseed GT-53 is a variety that can take full advantage of good seasons, while still being highly competitive if the going gets tough,” Mr Trenorden said.

Nuseed GT-53 topped the National Variety Trials in Roundup Ready canola last year in Corrigin, Muresk and Dandaragan, where the crops suffered from severe heat events from mid to late September.

It also yielded at or above the mean yield in all the other NVT sites featuring Roundup Ready canola across Western Australia last season. Nuseed GT-53 yielded as much as 3.43 t/ha at Gibson, near Esperance.

The new variety has been tested extensively in Nuseed trials, National Variety Trials and on-farm demonstrations.

“We’ve ramped up our testing again this year with small plot NVT trials, Nuseed trials, grower groups and in our farmer scale Crop Agronomy Trial program,” he said.

“We’re excited to see how it performs this season.”

Nuseed’s national Crop Agronomy Trial (CAT) program gives growers the opportunity to see how new hybrids perform in their growing conditions before they are commercially released.

One of the farmers growing a strip of Nuseed GT-53 this season is Tristan Stanich from Northampton.

He’s comparing it side by side with his usual Roundup Ready hybrid.

“I’ve been pretty impressed with the appearance of the Nuseed GT-53 all year,” Mr Stanich said.

“It looks like it’s going to have a real fit for early sowing in our environment.”

With harvest still some weeks away, Mr Stanich is keen to see if yields match his expectations so he can fit GT-53 on his farm for season 2017.

Mr Trenorden said he’s seen a lot of the crop across Western Australia this year and is impressed by how well it has responded to early sowing.

“It’s a good looking hybrid with good early vigour and a dark green leaf colour that lets you know it’s healthy and growing at a glance,” he said.

Nuseed GT-53 is rated ‘R’ for blackleg resistance and has been classified with a unique Blackleg resistance pattern.

Mr Trenorden suggested growers keep an eye out for Nuseed GT-53 crops at their local spring field days (trialed as NCH13G046) or check out NVT online to see how Nuseed GT-53 performed in their region.

“I’d recommend Nuseed GT-53 for its performance and potential profitability across all regions in anything from an average to a favourable season, while I wouldn’t write it off if conditions were tough in spring,” he said.

“Our canola varieties, like Nuseed GT-53, are bred in Australia for Australian conditions and we are continuing to develop new, improved varieties to meet the needs of local growers in years to come.”

He added that growers are also welcome to contact their local Nuseed reseller for more information and a variety comparison using NuSTEP, which can give detailed reports comparing Nuseed GT-53 with any other Roundup Ready hybrid variety.

For more information on Nuseed GT-53 canola contact your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager or visit our GT-53 product page.

Tristan Stanich from Northampton WA is growing GT-53 as part of Nuseed's Crop Agronomy Trial (CAT) program

Tristan Stanich from Northampton WA is growing GT-53 as part of Nuseed’s Crop Agronomy Trial (CAT) program