New canola variety reaps rewards

Ask any canola grower what traits – in addition to yield and blackleg resistance – they consider most important and crop vigour and weed control opportunities are right up there. So with that in mind, when Murion Pastoral Company farm manager, Haydn Hargreaves, looks back on the season just past, he gives GT50 the thumbs up.

Farming Mt Adams between Dongara and Mingenew, Haydn is a keen canola grower who says he’s “very impressed” with the growth and features of the new canola variety.

Nuseed GT50 is a mid season Roundup Ready (RR) hybrid noted as having the highest possible black leg resistance in the 2013 ratings.

It’s the first RR variety Haydn has grown and as for many grain growers this year, a kind finish to the season was timely compensation for an extremely dry July.

The GT50 was direct headed recently, mainly because of the lower harvesting cost. Haydn reported it yielded a pleasing 1.8t/ha overall with 45% oil content.

The canola was sown with 90kg/ha Agstar Extra with two follow-up 90kg/ha post-emergent applications of urea. The first went on early at the two leaf stage.

Two applications of RR herbicide removed weeds to deliver one of the cleanest canola crops Haydn has grown.

“As it turned out the sowing rate was a bit too high, but late rains helped out,” he said.

“We’ve only been farming here for a few years so we’re still getting on top of the weeds. With wild radish and a range of grass weeds the GT50 was definitely a better option than going with a TT variety.

“Just before the canopy started to close over a few little grass weeds started to come up, so we hit them with the second RR herbicide application.

“Crop growth was vigorous and with a very dense stand, towards the end of the season we were battling to walk through it. It virtually smothered everything else out and weed control was great, near on 100%.

“Luckily we had a kind finish so the crop could fully develop. Where the seed ran out and the plants numbers thinned, the GT50 plants developed into huge plants, so we could see how well they could stool out if the crop was thin.

“GT50’s vigour was really good and from what I’ve seen around the place, it’s a good variety.”

Haydn said their cropping enterprise would continue to run over summer with their water license supporting three centre pivots totalling about 160 ha. They have sown sorghum and NH2502 sunflower, a hybrid striped sunflower variety suited to the bird seed market – also from Nuseed.


In full bloom, this new canola variety, Nuseed GT50, went on to deliver the goods for Haydn Hargreaves. Haydn manages Mt Adams Farm for Murion Pastoral Company between Dongara and Mingenew.