New SA receival point for Monola this season

Nuseed and Glencore Grain have joined forces to expand the market for Monola® into the Murraylands region of South Australia this season.

The two companies are encouraging Murraylands growers to produce Monola by adding a new delivery point at Coomandook, following the success of its Tarlee site in the Mid North since 2014.

A healthy alternative to other cooking oils, Monola has been developed by Nuseed over the past 10 years.

Demand and uptake for Monola is strong among growers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, buoyed by the $95/tonne premium for Monola above the price offered for canola.

“Nuseed and Glencore Grain are pleased to add this new delivery point at Viterra’s Coomandook site for Murraylands growers, in addition to Viterra’s site at Tarlee,” said Rob Christie, Nuseed’s Southern Region Sales Manager.

Speaking at a series of grower meetings throughout the Murraylands this month, Mr Christie described Monola as a triazine herbicide tolerant canola which grows in exactly the same way as any other TT canola.

“Monola is sown at the same time and requires the same attention to fertiliser, spraying, windrowing and harvesting as any other TT canola,” he said.

“However, Monola is more appealing to consumers looking for healthier oils and food companies wanting to minimise saturated fats and trans fats in their products.”

As an added incentive to growers, Mr Christie said Nuseed and Glencore Grain will continue to offer a $95/tonne premium for Monola above the price received for canola this season.

“For example, if canola prices are $500/tonne, growers delivering Monola to Coomandook or Tarlee will receive $595/tonne at harvest,” he said.

Growers can choose from three Nuseed Monola varieties this season, including its latest Monola 416TT, an early-mid maturity TT variety with similar characteristics to ATR Stingray for grain yield, high oil content and agronomic qualities.

“Like Monola 314TT and Monola 515TT, Monola 416TT has good blackleg resistance and can be marketed through Glencore Grain in exactly the same way as canola,” he said.

“Monola means a healthy profit for growers through seeds that work hard in the field and beyond.”

For more information on Monola, contact your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager or visit our Monola product page.

Coomandook site, Glencore Grain

Glencore Grain will receive Monola at Viterra’s Coomandook site for the first time this season.

Benn Oliver, Glencore Grain, and Rob Christie, Nuseed

Benn Oliver from Glencore Grain (left) and Rob Christie from Nuseed are encouraging growers in the Murraylands region to try Monola, with the opening of a new receival point at Viterra’s Coomandook site this season.