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Nuseed 2015 Roundup Ready® Variety Analysis

The final public release data has just become available for the GRDC’s National Variety Trials program for Canola. What follows is a summary of the performance of Nuseed’s varieties in these national......more

High yields plus clean paddocks equals GT-50

Cootamundra district grower, Steve Hicks, saw good results from his first Roundup Ready® canola crop last year, with high yields and clean paddocks. Nuseed GT-50 was sown in three paddocks as part......more

Monola on the right track for success

Monola® will be given a second chance at success next season by Mid North SA grower Liam Roebuck. Mr Roebuck and his father, Geoff, decided to grow the new crop in 2014,......more

ATR Wahoo pushes canola yields higher

Nuseed’s latest triazine tolerant canola variety is bigger and tougher than average, just like the super fish it’s named for – the Wahoo. When Westmere district grower, Jock Liston, tried 20 hectares......more

2014 Canola trial data now available

Updated data from 2014 canola field trials is now available through Nuseed’s innovative NuSTEP variety evaluation tool. Growers and advisers can tap into the combined power of clear, transparent results from NVT......more

Monola makes Mid North debut

Press clipping: Stock Journal, 27 November 2014, page 21 Farmers in the Mid North are reaping the rewards of monola crops, grown in the region for the first time this year.  Click......more

Nuseed adds more power to variety choice

Canola growers are being invited to tap into the combined power of National Variety Trial results and Nuseed’s field trial results when making their seed choices for next season. Nuseed is making......more

Diamond canola shines at Elmore

Elmore district farmer, Rob Comer, is trialling a new hybrid canola variety that could replace AV Garnet, one of the best known canola varieties, in the future. Mr Comer sowed six hectares......more