Support for open-pollinated Canola

Nuseed is continuing to receive strong support from canola growers across Australia for its open-pollinated triazine-tolerant (TT) varieties through returns from end-point royalties (EPR).

Thanks to good yields last season in recently-released varieties like ATR Bonito and ATR Wahoo, the company has collected valuable funds to support ongoing research and development of new open-pollinated varieties.

An EPR of $5 per tonne is attached to ATR Mako, ATR Bonito and ATR Wahoo.

Nuseed Australia’s Commercial Manager Andrew Loorham thanked growers for correctly declaring their varieties at the point of delivery and supporting ongoing research with their EPR payments.

“Some growers are concerned that seed companies have abandoned the development of new open-pollinated varieties, but we still have a number of OP TT varieties in the pipeline at our Horsham innovation centre,” said Mr Loorham.

“OP TT will remain part of Nuseed’s offering because we understand many growers see it as an important canola type to have in the mix.”

However, Mr Loorham said Nuseed was one of the few seed companies still including OP TT canola varieties in its research and development priorities.

“We have access to some of the most diverse canola germplasm in Australia and have been successfully investing in breeding and research programs for Australian agriculture for more than 10 years,” he said.

“We are very mindful of the grower requirements for this type of material in our local canola market and will endeavour to support open-pollinated canola while it makes sense for us to do so.”

He said Nuseed would be selective about the release of new OP TT varieties to ensure each new offering added value to growers through higher yields, improved vigour or other traits.

Nuseed Australia’s General Manager, Travis Rankin, confirmed Nuseed’s investment approach.

“Nuseed is committed to investing back into the seeds business for Australian agriculture,” he said.

“This is good for farmers, good for productivity and good for Australian agribusiness.”

For more information on our OP TT Canola varieties, contact your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager or visit our Triazine Tolerant Canola product page.