Nuseed Canola

Nuseed is committed to delivering canola developed with leading technology across the impressive range of products we offer. Our varieties have gone through rigorous testing and trials and boast outstanding yield, profitability and solid blackleg resistance.

We also played a key role in innovating Monola®, a specialty oilseed that produces a superior and healthier frying oil option used as a sustainable alternative by major restaurants and snack companies around the world.

Whatever the type and maturity level of canola you require, we have a variety to suit a range of cropping environments that delivers proven results.

New for 2018: HyTTec® Hybrid TT Canola –  to find out more click here 

Nuseed Canola Varieties


Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg
Height Alternative to
HyTTec® Hybrid Triazine Tolerant
HyTTec Trophy* 20kg Early-Mid F1 Hyb R-MR† TBA Med-Tall ATR Bonito
Hyola® 559TT
Open Pollinated Triazine Tolerant
ATR Stingray 25kg Early OP MR C Short ATR Bonito
Hyola 450TT
ATR Gem 25kg Early-Mid OP MR-MS A  Med Hyola 559TT, ATR Mako
ATR Mako* 20kg Early-Mid OP MR A Med ATR Gem, Hyola 559TT
ATR Bonito*  20kg Early-Mid  OP  MS A Short-Med ATR Gem, Hyola 559TT
ATR Wahoo* 20kg Mid  OP  MS A Med Hyola 650TT
Hybrid Conventional
Nuseed Diamond   20kg Early F1 Hybrid  MR ABF Med Hyola 50, AV Garnet
Nuseed Quartz 20kg Mid F1 Hybrid R ABD Med Hyola 50, AV Garnet
Open Pollinated Conventional
AV Garnet  25kg Mid OP MS A Med Hyola 50, AV Zircon
Hybrid Roundup Ready®
GT-41  25kg Early F1 Hybrid R-MR ABF Med Hyola 404RR, Pioneer®43Y23
GT-42 20kg Early-Mid F1 Hybrid R ABDF Med Hyola 404RR, Pioneer 43Y23
GT-53 20kg Mid F1 Hybrid R ABDF Med-Tall Hyola 404RR, Pioneer 45Y25
Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg
Height Alternative to
Triazine Tolerant Monola®
Monola® 314TT 20kg Early OP  R-MR Unknown Med ATR Bonito,
ATR Stingray
Monola® 416TT 20kg Early-Mid OP  MR B  Med ATR Bonito,
ATR Gem,
Hyola® 450TT
Monola® 515TT 20kg Mid OP  MR Unknown Med ATR Gem,
ATR Wahoo,
Hyola® 559TT
Roundup Ready Monola®
Monola® G11   20kg Early/
Hybrid R- MR ABS Med Victory 5002RR,
Hyola® 404RR,
Pioneer® 43Y23
Monola® 513GT  20kg Early-Mid OP MR A Med Victory 5002RR,
Hyola® 404RR

Monola growers may be eligible for attractive premium payments** at harvest – speak to your local Monola Seed Agency for details.

** A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.

* An EPR (End Point Royalty) of $5 per tonne (ex GST) applies to ATR Mako, ATR Bonito and ATR Wahoo.  An EPR (End Point Royalty) applies to HyTTec Trophy.

† Blackleg Rating indicative based on internal Nuseed disease trials.


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