Nuseed Diamond Canola

Diamond – A Brilliant Choice

Nuseed Diamond is an early season Hybrid Conventional canola that sets the benchmark in yield performance in its class. Hybrid Conventional canola is a high yielding option for those who don’t need chemical tolerance to control problem weeds. Hybrid technology creates highly vigorous varieties, utilising crop competition as part of your IWM (integrated weed management) system.

With good adaption to both short and long season environments and excellent early vigour, Diamond gets out of the ground and quickly establishes good ground cover. Nuseed Diamond also comes to you quality tested, has good blackleg resistance and is high yielding with a competitive oil level.


Bag size 20kg
Maturity Early
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg Rating MR
Resistance group ABF
Height Medium
Alternative to Hyola® 50, AV Garnet
Recommended growing areas SA, VIC, NSW

NVT Data

Region Relevant data
National 2012-14 – Diamond – SA, NSW & VIC (33 sites)
2012-14 – Diamond – SA, NSW & VIC (54 sites)
2014 – Diamond – SA, NSW & VIC 
New South Wales 2012-14 – Diamond – NSW
2014 – Diamond – NSW
South Australia 2012-14 – Diamond – SA
2014 – Diamond – SA
Victoria 2012-14 – Diamond – VIC
2014 – Diamond – VIC

Variety Comparison

Variety AV Zircon AV Garnet Nuseed Diamond
Blackleg Rating MR MS MR
Oil Average (%) 44.5 43.5 44.4
Yield Average (MT/HA) 2.09 2.16 2.35
Gross Income $1,085 $1,102 $1,217
Yield % of Trial Mean 94% 97% 105%

Gross income calculated using $500/MT plus or minus oil bonification.
14 NVT in the Eastern states trials with all varieties represented with an average trial 
mean yield of 2.23MT/HA (2012, 2013). Oil data is 2012 only, 2013 data was unavailable at time of printing.

For the most up-to-date NVT Data in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative today.

Grower Stories

Read our Nuseed Diamond grower stories:

“The Diamond jumped out of the ground and had plenty of vigour. It cabbaged well and covered the ground to compete with the weeds and by mid-July it was flowering. We could probably have planted it a bit later.” Chris Bartlett, Pimpinio VIC

For the most up-to-date NVT Data in your region please contact Nuseed representative today.

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