GT-53 Canola

GT-53 – Lock in a good season

Nuseed GT-53 is no ordinary mid-season Roundup Ready® hybrid canola. With top class adaptability across a range of environments (early-mid, mid and mid-long) and robust performance in varied growing conditions, GT-53 is the complete package.

Nuseed GT-53 delivers extra protection with a unique Blackleg pattern. GT-53 has proven itself in National Variety Trials and our internal Crop Agronomy Trial program, consistently demonstrating high yields and out-performing its competition.

When you think adaptability, robustness and performance, think GT-53.

(Development code NCH13G046)


Bag size 20kg
Maturity Mid
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg rating R
Resistance group ABDF
Height Med-Tall
Alternative to Hyola®404RR
Hyola® 600RR
Recommended growing areas WA, VIC, NSW


NVT Data

GT53 graph Av Yield

23 National NVT trials with all varieties represented; average trial mean yield of 2.16 MT/HA (2014, 2015)

Report Type Relevant data
For Growers:
Yield, Oil & Gross Income Analysis
Nuseed GT-53, Hyola 600RR & Pioneer 45Y25
Nuseed GT-53 & Hyola 404RR
For Agronomists:
Yield Regression Analysis
Nuseed GT-53 & Hyola 600RR
Nuseed GT-53 & Hyola 404RR
Nuseed GT-53 & Pioneer 45Y25

Variety Comparison

Variety Hyola® 404RR Pioneer® 45Y25 Nuseed GT-53
Blackleg Rating R-MR MR R
Resistance Group ABD BC ABDF
Oil Avg (%) 45.35 44.33 43.10
Yield Avg (MT/HA) 1.92 2.06 2.12

34 National NVT trials with all varieties represented, average trial mean yield of 1.95MT/HA (2014, 2015). View report.

On The Ground

“I’ve been impressed with GT-53’s appearance all year, looks like it’s going to have a real fit for early sowing in our environment.”

Tristan Stanich, Northampton WA

Tristan Stanich, Northampton WA

Nuseed GT-53 trials:

GT-53 (centre) at Bolgart WA NVT site, 13/07/16

GT-53 (centre) at Bolgart WA NVT site, 13/07/16

GT-53 (centre) at Cunderdin WA NVT site, 20/06/16

GT-53 (centre) at Cunderdin WA NVT site, 20/06/16

GT-53 at Dalwallinu WA CAT site, 22/06/16

GT-53 at Dalwallinu WA CAT site, 22/06/16

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