HyTTec® Trophy

HyTTec® Trophy – Your new breed of TT

HyTTec® Trophy is the first release for Nuseed’s new breed of hybrid TT canola.  HyTTec Trophy is an early-mid maturing variety which has shown exceptional yield performance against current hybrid and open-pollinated TT varieties in internal trials.

HyTTec Trophy is in the ground in 2017 National Variety Trials and Nuseed’s grower-based Crop Agronomy Trials (CAT) across Australia and will be commercially available for planting in 2018. Full agronomic details (including Blackleg resistance) and performance data will be released after 2017 harvest.

Breeders Code (NCH15T085)


Bag size 20kg
Maturity Early-Mid
Type F1 Hybrid
Blackleg rating R-MR**
Resistance group TBA
Height Medium-Tall
Alternate to ATR Bonito , Hyola® 559TT

* An EPR (End Point Royalty) applies to HyTTec Trophy.

** Preliminary rating from Nuseed internal trials

To learn more about HyTTec Trophy speak to your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager


HyTTec Trophy CA T085 CAT South Stirlings WA

HyTTec Trophy (NCH15T085 ) looks a winner at CAT site, 03/08/2017, South Stirlings, WA.

Elders Albany & Mt Barker Agros, L-R: Laura Archer, James Bee  & Neill Liddle.