Monola® G11

Monola® G11 is the first hybrid Monola variety from Nuseed and has been developed to provide consistently good oil content and high yield. G11 is a mid-season maturing Roundup Ready® Monola variety with medium height that delivers excellent uniformity. A high adaptable variety, G11 is quality tested and boasts an MR Blackleg rating.

Monola G11 growers may be eligible for attractive premium payments* at harvest. For information on 2017 Monola premiums* please speak to your local Monola Seed Agent.

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.


Bag size 20kg
Maturity Early / Early-Mid
Type Hybrid
Blackleg rating R-MR
Resistance group ABS
Height Medium
Alternative to Victory 5002RR, Hyola® 404RR, Pioneer® 43Y23


Variety Comparison

Variety Hyola® 404RR GT-50 Pioneer 43Y23 (RR) Monola G11
Blackleg Rating R-MR  R-MR MR R-MR
Oil Average (%) 45.59 43.75 42.37 45.75
Yield Average (MT/HA) 2.37 2.48 2.59 2.37
Gross Income (MT/HA) $1,261  $1,285 $1,315 $1,418

Gross income calculated using $505/MT plus or minus oil bonification; includes $65/MT premium for Monola G11.
13 NVT Trials across NSW & VIC in 2013 & 2014. Trial mean yield average 2.41 MT/Ha. Each site had a CV less than 10%

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