Open Pollinated Triazine Tolerant Canola

Triazine Tolerant canola was the first herbicide-tolerant type in Australia and has been consistently adopted by growers for its high yield potential, blackleg resistance and excellent weed control. Nuseed offers a range of Open Pollinated Triazine Tolerant canola that boasts great profitability in a range of cropping environments.

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Nuseed Open Pollinated Triazine Tolerant Varieties

Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg Rating Resistance
Height Alternative to
ATR Stingray 25kg Early OP MR C Short ATR Bonito 
Hyola® 450TT
ATR Gem 25kg Early-Mid OP MR-MS A Med ATR Mako Hyola® 559TT Crusher TT
ATR Mako* 20kg Early-Mid OP MR A Med ATR Gem, Hyola®559TT Crusher TT
ATR Bonito* 20kg Early-Mid OP MS A Short-Med HyTTec® Trophy, Hyola®559TT Crusher TT
ATR Wahoo* 20kg Mid OP MS A Med Hyola®650TT Thumper TT

* An EPR (End Point Royalty) of $5 per tonne (ex GST) applies to ATR Mako, ATR Bonito and ATR Wahoo.

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