Nuseed Sorghum

Nuseed understands the incredible potential sorghum holds for feeding and fuelling our world. That’s why we’re creating advanced hybrids that produce better flour for human food production and deliver more nutrition to livestock.

Our range of both grain sorghum and forage sorghum varieties are developed specifically for Australian growing conditions as well as meeting the needs of our markets.

Nuseed Sorghum Varieties

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Grain Sorghum
Hybrid Maturity Grain Colour Midge Rating* Head Type Standability
Cracka Medium Bright Red 3 Semi-open ★★★★★
Rippa Medium/Long Red 5 Semi-open ★★★★
Liberty Medium/Slow White 4 Semi-open ★★★★

* For more information on the Sorghum Midge Tested scheme visit the GRDC website

To download the 2018 Grain Sorghum Product Range click here

To download the 2017 Cracka & Rippa Tech Sheet click here

Forage Sorghum
Hybrid Type Suitability Maturity Vigour Tillering Regrowth Drymatter Prussic Acid
Lush Sorghum x Sudan Grazing/
Medium-Early Very good High Vigorous Very good Medium-Low
BMR Sorghum x BMR Sudan Grazing/
Medium-Early Excellent Prolific Vigorous Very good Medium-Low
Nudan Sudan x Sudan Grazing/
Medium-Late Excellent Prolific Vigorous Very good Medium-Low
Hunnigreen Sweet Sorghum Grazing/
Ultra late Very good High Medium Excellent Medium-Low
Boost Sorghum x Sudan Grazing/
Plough/ Down
Medium-Early Very Good High Medium Very good Medium-Low

To download the 2018 Forage Sorghum Product Range click here

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