BMR Revolution Forage Sorghum

BMR Revolution is the best choice for a highly productive, highest quality summer feed. The ground breaking 12 gene brown mid rib forage delivers new standards in intensive livestock grazing, where feed quality is paramount and a bulk of feed is needed. Extremely vigorous hybrid that’s well suited to early sowing, BMR Technology may boost weight gain and milk production by around 20%.

BMR Revolution is the perfect choice for intensive grazing, quick regrowth, hay and silage.


Genetic Type BMR Sorghum x BMR Sudan
Maturity Medium-Early
Planting Time Spring to Summer
Soil Temp at Planting 15°C and rising
Seed Size/kg 28,000 – 40,000
Suitability Grazing / Hay / Silage
Vigour Excellent
Tillering Prolific
Regrowth Vigorous
Drymatter Very Good
Prussic Acid Medium-Low

Planting Rate

Marginal Dryland 3-5 kg/Ha
Good Dryland 8-10 kg/Ha
Irrigation 15-20 kg/Ha

Production Suitability

Early Grazing Excellent
Stand Over Not Preferred
Hay Making Excellent
Green Chop Excellent
Silage – Pit Useful
Silage – Plastic Wrap Excellent

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