Nudan Forage Sorghum

Nudan is a next generation forage sorghum hybrid that’s been specifically bred for the top end forage market where quality and performance are paramount. Nudan has soft velvety leaves and fine stems for quicker drydown after cutting.

Nudan is the first choice for producers who demand high quality forage sorghum for both grazing and hay production. Dairy farmers, sheep/fat lamb producers and haymakers should put this hybrid on top of their shopping list.


Genetic Type Sudan x Sudan
Maturity Medium-Late
Planting Time Spring to Summer
Soil Temp at Planting 15°C and rising
Seed Size/kg 60,000 – 75,000
Suitability Grazing / Hay / Silage
Vigour Excellent
Tillering Prolific
Regrowth Vigorous
Drymatter Very Good
Prussic Acid Medium-Low

Planting Rate

Marginal Dryland 2-4 kg/HA
Good Dryland 5-7 kg/HA
Irrigation 10-12 kg/HA

Production Suitability

Early Grazing Excellent
Stand Over Not Recommended
Hay Making Outstanding
Green Chop Very Good
Silage – Pit Not Recommended
Silage – Plastic Wrap First Choice

Additional Resources

Nudan Forage Sorghum Tech Sheet

Grower Story

Read our Nudan grower story:

“It performed really well. It grew quickly, it grew quite tall and it made some beautiful hay. The other variety went well too, but I tended to favour the Nudan for its fineness of stalk.” Howard Johnson, Roma

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