Dominator Grain Sorghum

Dominator Grain Sorghum

Dominator is one of the most consistent and adaptable medium maturity hybrids available to sorghum growers. It is more than capable of solid performance at both ends of the yield spectrum.

Dominator a proven high yielder and the first choice for growers wanting a hybrid that will ‘cash in’ when the growing conditions are at their best, or provide a solid return when the going gets tough. A perfect hybrid to spread the risk.


Maturity Medium
Head Type Open
Grain Colour Red
Drought Tolerance Above average
Midge Rating 5
Standability ★★★★★
Tillering Ability Medium
Disease Resistance Very good
Height Medium
DTF (early plant) 70-75
DTF (late plant) 68-72

Recommended Plant Populations

Recommended Plant Populations Plants/Hectare
Marginal Dryland 20,000-35,000
Average Dryland 30,000-45,000
Good Dryland 40,000-75,000
Irrigation 100,000-150,000

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