Tiger Grain Sorghum

Tiger Grain Sorghum

Nuseed Tiger is a large grained, medium-quick sorghum hybrid that’s highly adaptable and a robust performer in tough growing conditions. Suited for Ethanol / Stockfeed, Tiger produces a very large, heavy grain with high starch.

Tiger performs well against other commercial hybrids and boasts four star standability for harvest security and yield protection. The best cool start sorghum in the Nuseed range, Tiger is also a proven high yielder with medium to quick maturity.

If you would like to see how Tiger performs against similar varieties in recent trials, please download our data sheet.


Maturity Medium-Quick
Head Type Semi-Closed
Grain Colour Red/Bronze
Drought Tolerance Very good
Midge Rating 3
Standability ★★★★
Tillering Ability Medium
Disease Resistance Very good
Height Medium
DTF (early plant) 65-75
DTF (late plant) 60-70

Recommended Plant Populations

Recommended Plant Populations Plants/Hectare
Marginal Dryland 20,000-35,000
Average Dryland 30,000-45,000
Good Dryland 40,000-75,000
Irrigation 100,000-150,000

Additional resources

Tiger Grain Sorghum Tech Sheet

Grower Story

Read our Tiger grower story:

“After farming all his life, John has seen a lot of sorghum varieties come and go and was keen to see how the Tiger would go. It looked like it could perform well and handle tough finishes, so I was happy to try it.” Anthony Smith, North Callandoon

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