Nuseed Sunflowers

World leading sunflowers.

Nuseed recognizes the critical role sunflower seeds and oils play in promoting healthier living.

That’s why we’re working so hard to deliver sunflower growing solutions that enhance seed production and benefit both grower and the end-use consumer. As a result, we’re improving quality of life around the world.

Nuseed Sunflower Varieties

Click on the hybrid name below to download a tech sheet (PDF).

Hybrid Oil Type Maturity Rust Resistance Alternaria Resistance Tobacco Streak Virus Resistance Ideal Planting Time
Ausigold 62 Monounsaturated Medium High Moderate Very good Spring & Summer planting
Ausistripe 14 Mid Oleic/
Bird Seed
Medium High Moderate Good* Spring & Summer planting

*Department of Agriculture and Fisheries disease surveys in 2015 found that Ausistripe 14 has good tolerance to TSV disease.

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