End point royalties and plant breeders rights.

End Point Royalties (EPR) and Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) are an essential part of the seed industry.

They protect the intellectual property of breeders as well as provide funds back to breeding programs to ensure new and improved varieties continue to be bred for the Australian agricultural industry.

Without farmer compliance to EPR & PBR, Australian breeding programs would cease to exist, seriously effecting the long term viability of the Australian broadacre cropping industry.

End Point Royalties (EPR)

All Nuseed wheat varieties are subject to EPR. Nuseed also has four canola varieties, HyTTec Trophy, ATR-Bonito, ATR-Wahoo and ATR-Mako, which are also subject to an EPR. EPRs are payable on every tonne of grain produced by growers, except in the case of seed retained for subsequent planting.

All growers wishing to sow any Nuseed varieties that are subject to an EPR will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Industry Standard Variety Licence (PDF 273KB).

For further information on EPRs visit Variety Central’s website.

EPR documents

Industry Standard Variety Licence (PDF 273KB).

EPR Grower Register Form 2018 (Excel 55KB)

To fax: complete your details, print a copy and fax it to us at 1800 302 884.

To email: save the file to your computer, complete your details and attach and email it to our EPR Administrator.

Plant Breeders Rights (PBR)

PBRs are exclusive commercial rights to a registered variety. The rights are a form of intellectual property, like patents and copyright, and are administered under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (the Act).

The PBR system aims to encourage the development of new plant varieties. It gives breeders and other parties who invest in the breeding process an opportunity to recoup the money they have invested. Most breeding organisations reinvest this royalty back into the breeding programs so as to provide future benefit for farmers.

For further information on PBRs visit IP Australia.