Seed technology
with greater purpose.

Seeds with greater purpose become plants with greater potential.

Nuseed® develops plant traits and top performing canola, sorghum and sunflower hybrid seeds that create new markets and shared value chain opportunities.  It’s core to our global commitment to grow Beyond Yield™ and is what sets us apart.

There are nearly 300 Nuseed employees including the support of more than 100 research staff working across 9 global locations plus two state-of-the-art Innovation Centres.  Started in 2006, Nuseed now has sales and advanced trials in approximately 30 countries.  Nuseed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (ASX:NUF).

Our commitment to Beyond Yield is about surpassing expectations. Surpassing what’s typically expected from a seed and a seed company.  It’s what makes Nuseed different.