The 4th Wonder

Good afternoon to all.  I hope everyone has had a good and productive week.  I would like to thank Jerry Juven for answering correctly on what is considered the “4th Wonder of the Corn World”, that being previous crop.  When looking at corn following corn, a grower could have up to a 25 bu penalty without increasing nutrient supply above what they would need for corn following soybeans.   One of the main reasons for this is the residue left in a corn field.  This residue has a big influence on the availability of key nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.  The first few years of corn on corn, a grower can equal yields of non-corn on corn fields by increasing the amount of N and P applied.  Then after 5+ years of corn on corn, even with adding additional nutrients, the yield level will not equal corn following soybeans.  The build of corn residue leads to reduced vigor of corn seedlings, reduced availability of nutrients, and a build up of autotoxic compound that can lead to disease.  There has been some work on what happens when you remove the stover in relation to corn on corn yields, but there is still more work to be done with that as a viable solution to the previous crop question.  But for now, if you want to obtain the highest yields possible, corn should be placed on rotated ground.  Next week, the 5th wonder, but for now I hope everyone has a great weekend.