7 Wonders of the Corn World

Good afternoon everyone.  This week I had the privelidge to attend the Advanced Crop Advisors Workshop in Fargo.  There was a lot of very good information to be taken in this year.  One break out session that really stuck in my head was “Corn – What Minnesota and Illinois are Recommending to Optimize Yield” presented by Laura Gentry of the University of Illinois, Champaign.  As the populaiton of the world grows, predicting 9 billion people by 2050, grain yields will also have to rise to support this huge population.  What experts are predicting is that the US will have to average 300 bu/acre of corn in order to support that.  Many of you are asking how can we do that, and I’m wondering the same thing.  The national average yield this year was right around 122 bu/acre, so we will have to improve on that by roughly 5 bushels a year for the next 37 years.  This is where the “7 Wonders of The Corn World” come into play.  This is an approach that takes in the importance of 7 factors in growing corn and relates the amount of bushels an acre that each is responsible for.  But, there are some prerequisites to obtaining the yield. They are: adequate drainage, pest and weed control, proper pH, and adequate P, K, S, and Zn.   Over the next couple of weeks I will be listing off what the “wonders” are and what we can do to incorporate them into our farming operations.  Until then, can someone tell me what the first and most important factor is to growing 300 bu corn?  If you know, email me at nmeyer@seeds2000.net.