The 7th Wonder

Good morning.  Well, we have come to the end of the “7 Wonders of the Corn World”and I hope that those of you reading this have gotten some good insight on what it takes to grow higher yielding corn.  For the final wonder we will take a look at growth regulators.  Growth regulators are anything that would have a postive impact on the plant growth, leaf health or leaf performance.  What we are tipically talking about is the use of a fungicide to enhance plant health.  Over many years of research it has been shown that a properly timed application can have a very good benefit to yield.  According to Dr. Below, up to 10 bushels can be attributed to yield when trying to obtain the 300 bu/acre mark.  The use of a fungicide will be closely related to hybrid selection and the environment.  Some very high yielding hybrids may have certain susceptablilities to leaf diseases, in this case a use of a fungicide is strongly recommended.  Also, some hybrids that have a very stong tolerance to plant disease will also benefit if the environment is prone to the spread of plant disease.  I don’t suggest that every acre of corn receive a fungicide treatment because over use of anyone of our current herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides can lead to resistance.  But growers need to be aware of the hybrids they plant and the environment they are planting into to see if a fungicide will help increase their yields.  For more discussion on the “7 Wonder of the Corn World” feel free to contact me at  Also, look for our updated blog page where you will be able to register to receive these updates right in your inbox.

Next week:  planting decisions for a late spring