Area updates

Good afternoon.  Well, it’s been a pretty uneventfuly week when it comes to harvest.  Rain has been falling most of the week, and fields are getting pretty waterlogged.  Rain reports have been anywhere from 2″ to 4″+, which means harvest is really going to be a real challenge this year.  We have had some soybean yield trials come in from the SD area and our new 2122 RR2YN is performing very well.  In the F.I.R.S.T. from the SDNE are show this product coming in 9th overall out of 63 varieties.  This 1.2 RM been has good IDC, phytophthora 1k gene, SCN resistance with excellent standability and yield.  Look for this be to be a player in Northeast SD as well as areas in Western MN, and Southern ND.  Look for me to add more yield data when it comes in.

On a different note, I’m still looking for pictures to add to our website and Facebook page.  So if anyone out there has some good pictures of Nuseed/Seed 2000 products, people, or anything of the likes please email them to me at  Here is our Territory Managers weekly update, enjoy.

Jed Wall – National Sales Manager

Kelly and I signed Winston Johnson Jr. and his son Desmond at Edmore ND, Winston and Desmond grow sunflower, canola and wheat. They have saw great results from our products and are currently growing Camaro II they are looking great.

Chris and Nate signed Art Ridl from Dickenson ND; Art will be selling with his son Joe, and his brothers Keith and Kurt. This is an excellent opportunity for us to have them on board; Art is Vice President for the NSA and a very well respected grower in his area. This is an excellent opportunity for us to grow CN and SF sales in area where we have very little market share.

In other Exiting news we took off our confection sunflower trial east of Breckenridge, MN that many of our vistors toured this summer we had EX 5223 win the plot at 3423# per acre!!! The field was planted to Jaguar II that should average around 2400 pounds!!!

Nate Meyer – Agronomist

Travelled with Maria Harvey to look at corn that was having some ear development problems south of Brookings, SD.  The grower was concerned that the ears on his corn were much smaller then they had been in past years and was looking for an explanation.  He had planted straight RR hybrids, with minimal fertilizer.  I dug some roots and it was revealed that he had heavy rootworm feeding.  I would rate the roots that were dug on plants that showed the most severe stress around 2 to 2.5 out of 3 (3 being the worst).  We then went to his brother’s field directly across the road, planted the same day, but with hybrids that have CRW traits and a good fertilization program.  The roots dug there showed almost no feeding, with very nice, healthy roots.  I would think the straight RR corn will run between 50-70 bu, while the traited corn will run close to 200 bu.  I think the grower will be planting traited corn next year.

Travelled with Chris Hills to western ND to visit growers and meet with possible new ISA.  Stopped at sunflower and corn fields in Stark County.  Grower had Durango, field looked very nice, even, and was about 10 days away from harvest.  There were very minimal stalks out, and center fill was really good.  This grower also had some of our 2852 GTCBLL which was placed in what he had said is one of his toughest fields.  He was very, very happy on the way the corn looked, said it was the best corn he had grown on that field.  Although the 30+ inches of rain they have had since May may have added to that.  Grower was very happy with our products and will be purchasing next year.

Next we stopped at a new growers place in Gladstone, ND.  This particular grower had Falcons that he was comparing to Croplan 3080.  Falcons looked really good, even, good center fill, and were two weeks away from harvest.  The Falcons were shorter then the 3080s and seemed to have less stalks out then the competitor.  Grower was happy with our product.

Met with new ISAs in Dickinson, Ribl Farms.  Attending the meeting were Chris Hills, Art Ridl, Keith Ridl, Joe Ridl, Curt Ridl, and myself.  Chris discussed our business approach and expectations of our ISAs.  I had the opportunity to talk about our corn program and some other agronomic topics.  It was a very good meeting and I’m looking forward with working with the people at Ridl Farms.

We also stopped and looked at Art’s sunflowers west of Dickinson.  He had Cobalt II, Daytona, and Hornet.  The field were these were located was definitely a tough looking piece of ground.  Sunflowers were standing very good, although there was extreme bird damage in the part of the field we were in.  I couldn’t tell a big difference in maturities, and I would put harvest at about a week away.

 Maria Harvey – Eastern South Dakota Territory Manager

Continuous boughts of rain have slowed harvest in eastern SD but they are trying not to complain too much when they consider what their brothers in the western half of the state went through starting with the blizzard they call Atlas.


So far I’ve gotten very positive reports on the performance of our 2051RR2Y and 2091RR2YN soybeans in Roberts and Richland (ND) counties.  In both cases our beans outperformed Asgrow 0832 which is considered by many on of the best soybeans out there in that maturity range.  The 2091s also beat Pioneer 63M80 by 8 bushels in a side-by-side on good ground.  The customer was thrilled.  With excellent test plot results coming forward on the 2071’s, 2093’s and 2122’s (9th overall out of 63 entries in the 1.0-1.7 maturity-SDNE FIRST trials) we should definitely be in the running to sell some beans in the NE region of SD this year unless we are way out of line on price.


So far corn has held up nicely through the wind and the rain throughout the state, as well as our sunflowers out west despite being subjected to 2-4” of rain and up to 2’ of snow plus winds upwards of 60 mph.  All of that standability will be put to the test Monday and Tuesday this week with another storm system passing through the state.

Tuesday Nate and I went to look at a customer’s field in Aurora, SD (east of Brookings).  He was trying to figure out why he had small ears.  Through root digs Nate determined the customer had significant corn rootworm feeding damage in his straight RR corn.  From comparing his corn to his brother’s RW traited hybrids in the neighboring field, my customer sold himself on the need for RW trait, and his brother made it clear we have an opportunity to earn some of his business this year as well.  It also reemphasized the need to add a RW traited RIB corn hybrid in the 97-99 day maturity range as if we had a suitable option, I believe we could have sold some on the spot.

I travelled down to Meckling, SD to assist a first-time confection sunflower grower in determining the time to desiccate.  Jaguar had some pretty bad patches of phomopsis and the sunflowers were breaking over due to earlier large rains that pooled in areas of the field.  The customers are very impressed with our company and hope to make sunflowers a permanent part of their rotation.


Kevin Crandall and I identified some areas that we can work on in our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we shared these ideas with the group.  We’ve already added our upcoming farm shows to the events page on the Seeds 2000 Facebook page and are discussing how to transition the accounts to Nuseed name.

This week I hope to ride harvesters, finalize orders for late day corn hybrids and finalize business plans with ISAs.

Dan Schmit – South Central North Dakota Territory Manager

NThe week was spent on transitioning customers to territory mangers and doing some local farm visits and field inspections.

Travis and I went to Jamestown area to visit with some of his key account customer; the transition went very good thanks to him.

Our customers in SW North Dakota and NW South Dakota experienced some historic weather and the loss of livestock and cattle is extreme in some of those areas. I visited with several of them and they said that the sunflowers and corn took a big hit and there are a lot of blown down crops. They had up to two feet of snow and 70 mph winds. On Wednesday one farmer still didn’t know where all his cattle were or how many died.

Crops in SD are coming in better than expected and our hybrids are performing very well.

Locally the soybean harvest is winding down with disappointing yields with some occasional good yield. A customer by Great Bend that had our 2091 RR2YN said that they were some of his best beans on tougher ground and average 38 bushels and was very pleased with that.

Locally corn is staring to come off and the dryers are running, the yields appear to be better than expected and the quality seems to be okay and so far standability has not been an issue.

Chris Hills – South Western North Dakota Territory Manager

I got the opportunity to travel west with Nate Meyer this week to visit some sunflower/corn customers. When making our way out to Dickinson, ND we made stops in Richardton to visit a customer that had our 85 day corn as well as one of our Express hybrids. The corn was up against 3 other company’s and doing well in some tough ground. His sunflowers are looking great and they could be ready in a week or so. In Gladstone, ND we walked some sunflower fields where we are up against a Croplan hybrid on the Express side. The customer’s fields are look good and drying down nice, I am excited to see results at harvest. We continued on from there to Dickinson, ND where we got a chance to sit down with the guys from Ridl Farms. I am glad to announce that they will be taking on a NuSeed dealership and will be moving some of are corn and sunflowers to growers in their area. It is exciting to have Art, Joe, Keith, and Kurt on board with us and I am looking forward to working with them to grow the dealership. The ISA network in my territory is hard at work talking with growers in their area about our early discounts on corn and sunflowers.  The early discounts are doing the job and the ISA’s have turned in some nice orders this week. Keep up the good work guys; let’s make this our biggest year ever.

Jared Swiontek – South East North Dakota / West Central Minnesota Territory Manager

Early in the week Kevin and I went and looked at a few of our corn fields by Underwood MN. We looked at some 9202vt2p, these fields looked kind of tough because of the lack of moisture and some heavy wind that they’ve had in the area. But even with the wind and lack of moisture there still was some decent corn in the field.

Later in the week Jed and I went to some farms in SE North Dakota. We saw a farmer by Gwinner ND, which had our 2982 planted for corn silage. He was very happy with the yield on this corn. He had it adjusted at 208 b/acre. 3012 GTA may be a great option for him going forward. He also had some 9503 VT2P. This looked pretty good but the top of the stocks were starting to fall over above the ear.

Jed and I also took off our Sunflower plot out east of Breckenridge. Our varieties did very well. We also weighed some of our soybeans in a side by side south of Fergus Falls. We had our 2091’s against pioneers 90Y80’s. We took 3 tests of each; they ended up being very similar yields in this scenario. They were 48 b/acre to 51 b/acre.

Kevin Crandall – Central Minnesota / Southern Minnesota Territory Manager

A grower around Herman, MN has 9001-VP3220 on his hot ground, in good spots in the field the corn looks great.  9001 VP3220’s ears have good girth and filled to the end of the ear and planted at 34k.  He has Dekalb 48-12 planted next to it and he has the same issues.  I think he is going to try some this year.  Jared and I went to visit a grower near Fergus Falls and his 9202 VT2P looks pretty good compared to everything around it.  It is burnt up because of lack of rain.  A grower near Chokio, MN also has 9202 VT2P planted at 29k and it looks very good out in the field.  I feel 9202 VT2P needs to be planted at 28-31k in my area.

A grower near Dumont, MN said his 2091 RR2YNs did great, they did 45+ bushels an acre on the hottest ground he has. Our ISA, Mark Keller’s soybean has been harvested and our new soybeans did fantastic compared to our older hybrids, out yielding them by a average of 5 bushels an acre.  Our new soybeans 2093 RR2YN and 2122 RR2YN ran near the top of the plot and were par with the competitors in the plot.

Kelly Clarey – Northeastern North Dakota / Northwestern Minnesota

Traveling in the Carrington area the beans are running in the 40’s and looking very good. They are just in the first week of bean harvest and some corn is being harvested too. So far the yields in the corn is looking very good, should be excellent yields there. West in the McClusky area the corn was more stressed but will still be good yields. 77 and 82 day corn was black layered and in the high 20’s for moisture.

In the Edmore area the canola is finishing up with excellent yields. 2500 lbs an average. Nexera canola seemed to have a very slow dry down. Sunflowers look fantastic and should be harvested next week.

Rugby area the corn is looking great and the beans are having a great year. They are harvesting the beans and will start on corn in 2 weeks. Yields will be excellent.

Fred Parnow – Canada / Northwest North Dakota.

This past week we harvested 3 of the 4 Dupont Vertisan fungicide trials in MB. Each trial had 3 strips which ranged in yield from a low of 2600# to over 3000#/acre. There was minimal variation between treatments and sclerotinia infection. Samples were delivered to Legume Walker for quality analysis. Results are currently not available.

Overall yields are extremely good. Most are coming at the high 2’s to low 3000# range. Quality is generally good. Processors should be happy.

New dealer signs were delivered to MB dealers. I have a few yet to go.