What a difference a week makes!!

Good morning.  Wow, rain has been falling almost no spot for the last four days.  Many people in our area are reporting three plus inches of rain, but as you move north that total goes up to six plus inches.  This is tough news for  many growers who were already behind the eight ball when it comes to getting their crops in the ground.  The good news is that before these rains our soils were extremely dry and for most part our soils in this area can hold a lot of water.  This means that after a couple days of drying most people should be able to get out there and finishing planting.  We are up against late planting insurance dates for corn for most of our region.  Most of North Dakota has a late plant date of May 25th for corn, except for five counties in SE ND.  At this point if you still have corn to plant it is time to start to change maturities.  I would suggest moving to corn that is between 8 to 12 days earlier then what you would normally plant.  This switch will help to manage risk as it comes to wet corn in the fall.  For counties up north where heavy rains have fallen it may be time to think about switching to another crop altogether.  Soybeans is an option for growers in that area, but sunflowers may be a better pick if the ground has already been fertilized for corn.  Sunflowers will use about about the same amount of NPK as a corn crop, have a later planting date, use water well (both excess and drought conditions), and have a very strong market right now.  But every grower knows what is best for their operation and right now there is still some time left to have a very profitable 2013.  For questions on late planting, sunflowers, or anything else feel free to email me at nmeyer@seeds2000.net.