The First Wonder

Good morning eveyone out there in computer land.  I hope everyone is finally dug out after this weeks snow events.  The blizzard that we had this last weekend is a perfect example of the first wonder of the corn world.  As you know from reading last weeks blog we are discussing the “Seven Wonders of the Corn World”, or what are the most important factors for us to raise 300 bu/acre corn by 2050.  I’d like to thank Jerry Juven and Jared Swiontek who both answered last weeks question correctly.  The question was what is the first wonder of the corn world, both of them answered weather.  Weather is what we consider anything that mother nature throws at us that is out of our control, such as rain, drought, heat, cold, and storms.  Weather is responsible for 70 bushels out of our 300 bu/acre goal.  You may be asking yourself is if weather is responsible for up to 27% of our total yield, how in the world are we ever going to get to 300 bu/acre.  The only answer is we have to optimize the factors that we can control, and thankfully we can control the final six wonders.  But for now, if anyone can tell me what the second wonder of the corn world is please email me at  Until then I hope everyone has a great weekend.