Harvest reports and pictures request

Good afternoon.  Well, it has been another crazy week at Nuseed, seed sales are taking off and all the Territory Managers (TM) are out and about talking with growers as harvest gets done.  Every week each TM writes a weekly report on what they are seeing and hearing in their region.  I thought that putting that information on hear may give growers from all over a better overall view of how yields are stacking up and how are products perform in different areas.  I will be putting this report in ever week until we are done with harvest.  Also, we are looking to add some really great pictures to our website, facebook page, and twitter account so if anyone out there has some great pictures of Nuseed/Seeds 2000 fields, products, or people feel free to send them to me at nmeyer@seeds2000.net  One last thing, I would like to welcome to new ISA’s into our company.  First is Thomas Vetter who will be servicing customers in the Linton, ND area and also Ridl Farms who are going to concentrate their efforts in the Dickinson, ND area.  Enjoy our TM updates and I will be seeing ya next week.

Jed Wall – National Sales Manager

 The week of 9-30 to 10 4 marked another successful week for our group we had a lot of corn and sunflower orders come in again this week customers are really taking advantage of our early order programs on both corn and sunflower. I had the privilege to spend three days riding along with Chris Hills in western North Dakota visiting customers ISA and ISA prospects. We traveled to the western edge of the state our first day and met with a large Jaguar customer his fields looked excellent and were starting to dry down nicely. We also visited a new corn customer who went from basically no corn 3 years ago to over 1000 acres he planted corn all the way to mid June and surprisingly it looked awesome, he was very happy with our hybrid and will be giving us a shot at more of his business. The last day on the road was spent with a farmer in the Garrison ND area he had Jag DMR that will do at least a ton!! He also showed us Falcon, Defender plus, Cobalt II, Daytona and Hornet his oils looked spectacular so we will have a real good test here to. In other exiting news Dan Schmidt signed on Thomas Vetter a new ISA to work out of the Linton, ND area he is a nice addition to our team and will help us open up some doors in an area we have struggled with in the past. Thomas farms in the Linton – Tuttle he also works for a very innovate and well respected farmer in the area.

Nate Meyer – Agronomist

Talked with consultant from the Wheaten, MN area.  Said that corn that is coming off is the stuff that was suffering from stress, either too dry or too wet, with yields in the 80 bu to 120 bu range.

Visited with a grower from the Underwood, MN area, his soybeans are running anywhere from 22 bu to 40 bu.  He was very pleased with the 2091 RR2YN, they are in a tougher spot on the farm, not treated, and are yield as good or better then Asgrow soybean in the same field.

Went to look at our 8701 VT2P in plots in Mn.  Looks very good, stands good, good late season health, and very nice ears.

Went with Dan and looked at field south of Breckenridge that had some pollination problems.  The field contained three different hybrids, 9503, 9504, and 9202.  The issue was across all three hybrids and across the whole field.  This would lead me to believe that this is a field/environmental issue over a hybrid performance issue.

 Maria Harvey – Eastern South Dakota Territory Manager

Near Peever, SD our 2091 soybeans were running 37 bu and our 2051s were running 40 bu.  The customer felt they were performing better than his Asgrow 0832s.

Customer near Aurora, SD chopped 3051GT.  Felt it tonned out well and had decent earlage versus his 100 day Great Lakes hybrid.  He did feel that the ears were smaller than he liked, but he said he would definitely be interested in using it for silage again.

Dan Schmit – South Central North Dakota Territory Manager

Monday Nate and I looked at a local field of corn that had 9504 VT3P, 9503 VT2P and 9202 VT2P in it, all three of the hybrids had issues on cob fill and Nate determined it was do to issues during the pollination period and he explained it very well on our website in his Agronomic Blog, which I always find be very good reading.

I spent part of the week transitioning customer to their Territory Managers and I find the customer to be very receptive to the change.

Thursday and Friday I signed up two new ISA dealers, I want to thank Chris and Bill for coaching me thru this process. Gene Rudolf and his son Michael from Wishek will be under Rudolf Farms.Thomas Vetter and his wife Bailee from Linton join our ISA team. I am very excited about these two new dealers as I feel they believe in our products and they are excited about using and selling them,

Chris Hills – South Western North Dakota Territory Manager

This week I got to spend some time with Jed in the transition part of things. We got to spend some time with some growers out in the Dickinson, ND area where our sunflowers and corn are looking good. The trip continued on from there south to the Elgin area where a customer that is in transition from Jed to I was combining corn at 20% moisture for Blue Flint ethanol plant up by Washburn, ND. On Wednesday we went around the Glen Ulen area where we visited with 3 farmers, one that had our 82 day corn and 2 with Jaguar DMR. Our corn was in the path of a storm and got hail so looked rough but the sunflowers will do very well for the other 2 growers. I got a chance to learn a lot from Jed walking these fields with growers on what to be looking for during this time of the growing season. On Thursday morning we got a chance to walk a few of ISA Travis Iglehart’s sunflower fields of Camaro II and Jaguar DMR. The Camaro II need more time but the fields are all table top and Travis is very excited about how they will do. The Jaguar DMR has some plants that have thinner stocks and have fallen over so we took some samples to do a moisture test to see if Travis could desiccate. The fields of Jaguar DMR that were in lower areas did have some head rot pressure and we did see some sclaratina as well. The trip, thanks in part to Jed’s past relationships turned up some orders of sunflowers and corn for 2014.

Jared Swiontek – South East North Dakota / West Central Minnesota Territory Manager

 This past week I spent a day with DuWayne Ditterich, an ISA by Vergus MN. We went over some business plans and what his future plans are. We also spent some time looking at his fields. His corn is really drying down nicely. We hand shelled some corn and it was down to 23% in the low lying areas. The soybeans aren’t coming along very well. He lacked a lot of rain this summer and many of the soybeans just simply died on the hilltops. Now with the recent rainfall the soybeans on the hills are starting to grow again. The hilltops are green while the lowlands are close to maturity. So farmers in that area may need a week or two just start combining their soybeans. Corn may be harvested before Soybeans in some scenarios.

I also spent some time in western Otter Tail County. Many of the farmers are getting a good chunk of their soybeans off, and the corn will be close behind. I’ve been hearing yields from 15 b/acre in some of the sandy hills north of Fergus Falls, to upper 40’s south of Fergus where it’s a heavier soil type. This week if the weather cooperates I will be weighing a side by side of one of our soybeans next to a competitor in the same field with the same factors affecting each. This should give us a very good showing of how are beans do in the area. I will also be visiting some farmers in SE North Dakota this week with Jed. So next week I shall have a better understanding of what’s going on in that area.

Kevin Crandell – Central Minnesota / Southern Minnesota Territory Manager

Growers from the Dumon, MN area had our 85 day corn because planted on June 6th and the corn is short and doesn’t look the best.  However it looks like it is going to yield corn is short but large ears which will yield.  Sunflowers look great and expecting a monster year again from them.  They had 3k pound flowers last year.

Soybeans 2091s look fantastic in his high ph soils and expecting yields about 45 and near his place in Benson MN is quite good.

Kelly and I checked out Tom Smude’s sunflowers and they look rough.  It has been so dry that they are shriveling up really bad.  Just so dry for so long and wasn’t good.  Our corn looks pretty solid when under the pivot on dryland its all burn up no matter what it is.  Picked up the samples of Cobalt II and Hornet.  We looked at his system where he sells sunflower oil there and looks quite impressive.

Corn near Milbank MN looked unimpressive he had 9503 and its burnt up and is more depending on soil type than anything.  Doesn’t matter what kind of corn it is just the way it is.  I did see an entire field of 9917 Pioneer greensnapped near to his place.  So ours is standing a lot better than that.

Kelly Clarey – Northeastern North Dakota / Northwestern Minnesota

The corn harvest is under way and we are out there! Some of the toughest
Fields are still coming up with better than expected yields. The Langdon area is behind in the canola combining due to late dry down on the Nexara canola. Good yields but slow drydown. Corn is just about to black layer but will have decent yields even if we now get a frost.

Harvest came to a stand still with the rain and snow but should get back on track this week