Making Headway on Harvest

Good afternoon!  Well this week has been a lot more forgiving in terms of weather compared to the few prior, harvesting is starting to move along at a much better clip.  We are starting to get yield reports on corn from all over the area, and for the most part people are pretty pleased with the yields they are seeing.  Reports of corn yields running in the 120s-160s is pretty common, but you also hear some much better, and unfortunatelysome much worse.  With harvest moving along, that means plot data is starting to roll in too and I want to share a couple of Nuseed/Seeds 2000’s highlights so far.  Our soybeans had a very good showing at the F.I.R.S.T. trails at Watertown with our new 2122 RR2YN finishing 3rd out of 63 entries.  One thing to note on this outcome is how low the population for our variety was, it shows how good this bean is at flexing out to achieve high yields.  This new 1.2 RM bean has excellent yield, SCN resistance, and plant type that allows for all row spacing.  Look at this bean to be a good fit from SD, Western MN, into Southern ND.

On the corn side of things data is starting to come in slowy but surely.  We have gotten our first look at the F.I.R.S.T. trials from Howard, SD and we very pleased.  Our hybrid 9504 VT3P finished 5th and 9202 VT2P was seventh out of 63 hybrids in the 91-96 RM test.  This is the second year in a row that 9504 VT3P has had not only a very good performance in trials in SD, but in growers fields as well.  This hybrid is a good mix of racehorse and workhorse with excellent stalks and roots, a good disease package, and of course really good yields.

On a final note we are still looking for any growers that have harvest photo they want to share to go ahead and email them to me at  Also, if you want to let me know how harvest is going and what yields you’re seeing from our products on the farm I would love to know and you can send them to the same email address.