Planting dates??

Good morning.  Well looks like Spring is finally gonna show up this year.  The forecast is calling for temperatures in the 70s for the weekend, which very welcome for this time of year.  Over the last week I’ve had a lot of people talking about when we are going to be able to plant and if they should still be planting the corn that they have on order.  The answer that I am giving them is YES.  We still have more then enough time to get our corn in the ground and still obtain very good yields.  I believe many people still have thoughts of 2012 in their heads where most everyone was out planting by this time.  Normally, we start planting corn the last week of April through the middle of May.  It’s after the middle of May where a grower may start to think of switching to an earlier maturity or swithing crops altogether, but of course that will depend on your location.  Here are the crop insurance final planting dates for our area.

North Dakota:

  • Corn: 5/25 except Cass, Ransom, Sargent, and Ricland counties 5/31
  • Soybean:  6/10
  • Sunflower:  Northern tier 6/05, Southern tier 6/10
  • Wheat:  Northern tier 6/05, Southern tier 5/31
  • Sugar beet:  5/31

South Dakota

  • Corn:  Northeast 5/25, Southeast 5/31, Western 5/25
  • Soybean: 6/10
  • Sunflower: Northern tier 6/15, Southern tier 6/20
  • Wheat:  Northern tier 5/15, Southern tier 5/05


  • Corn: 5/31
  • Soybean:  6/10
  • Sunflower:  6/10
  • Wheat:  varies between 5/15 to 6/15
  • Sugar beet:  5/31

So for now, stay the course and see what kind of weather we will be having over the next couple weeks.  Remember the soil was very, very dry going into the winter and that reason should help when it comes to speeding up our planting with the excess water/snow that is out there.  Next week I will be giving you the reasons why you should stay with your first plan on planting.  Until then if you have any questions let me know.  My email is and I am looking forward to some questions.