Planting Progress

Good afternoon.  Planters are rolling and crops are going in the ground.  In talking with a few a our growers this year planting is going as well as can be expected.  The guys I have talked to have all their wheat, sugarbeets, and corn in the ground and are starting to put in their soybeans and sunflowers.  Looking at the calendar date we are definately in the later planting timeframe for corn and wheat but we are hitting a sweet spot for the other crops.  Most guys are going non-stop, and if they have delays it is because fertilizer is bottlenecked.   The weekend forecast looks for most of the area to catch some significant rain which we are in desperate need of, some fields I have been in the seed is sitting in completely dry soil.  Corn seed needs to reach about 35% moisture to start to germinate and soybeans will need to absorb about 50% and at this point there may not be enough moisture for that.  If these dry conditions do persist some people may be switching into sunflowers which performs much better then most crops in droughty conditions.

This has also been a very busy week putting in plots around the area.  As of today we have four of our eight corn plots in.  All of them went into decent moisture and a great seed bed and I’m excited to see how our new hybrids will perform this summer.  Also, our research team has been working hard at our Galchutt nursery, all of the corn is planting and sunflowers should start going in today.  It’s a busy time of year and I would like to remind everyone to be safe out there and have a great weekend.

One last thing, I would like to wish my daughter Claire a very Happy Birthday!!