Planting still moving along

Good afternoon, I hope everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy the great weather we are having this week.  Here at Seeds 2000 we have been extremely busy getting sunflowers and soybeans out to growers that are trying their best to get the last of their crops in the ground.  When talking to people from around the state some areas are still just too wet to get any crops in the ground so look for some acres to have preventive planting on them.  But for areas where they think they may be able to go in a couple days sunflowers is still a very good option.  Whether your looking for oils or confections we still have a very good inventory of early maturing hybrids that can help you get your last acres planted.

On another note, I have been out scouting our corn plots and so far they are looking pretty good.  For the most part we are in the V-4 stage, and the crops are starting to really green up after we have gotten some heat this week.  Many growers are out and putting on their first applications of herbicides trying to knock back those weeds while they are still small.  I would ask that growers take note this year on glyphosate applications and watch for weed escapes.  Being on top of resistance is extremely important to our use and sustainability of this important herbicide.

Also as stated last week I thought I would give you some highlights of our Seed Partners meeting in St. Louis.  First, as I was talking with seedsmen from all over the country, the main subject was it is wet and their crops went in, or are going in, much later then usual.  This wet spring has not only affected our growers locally, but most growers through the heart of the corn belt.  Some corn planting was done up to a month behind last year, and how this corn is going to turn out this fall is still up in the air.  Their was also some very interesting speakers on Monsanto’s new herbicide trait in soybeans, their new rootworm event, and managing weed resistance.  One very interesting launch that we learned about is called Field Scripts.  This is a multi-level approach to planting that takes in account at least two years of yield data, soil tests, soil profile, soil structure, and hybrid.  The plan is that this program will ultimately give a grower a field by field prescription for planting by choosing the best hybrid for them and plant populations.  The system they have in place now will be able to switch planting populations every ten meters if need be.  So in summary, look for some very exciting things out of the Monsanto camp in the next few years.

Next week I will be giving updates on how everything looks in Texas as I’m travelling there with our Global Product Manager for Confection Sunflowers, Kevin Wall.  We will be attending two sunflower field days as well as a field day for a new insecticide for the control sunflower head moth.  Until next week, everyone be safe out in the field, and I hope you all enjoy a fantastic Father’s Day Weekend.