The Second Wonder

Good afternoon.  I hope everyone had plenty of time since last Friday’s blog entry to think on what is the “2nd Wonder of the Corn World”.  I didn’t have any correct answers this time around, so I’m guessing there are some people that may be debating on what it could be.  No need to wait anymore, the correct answer is nitrogen.  Nitrogen is responsible for up to 70bu in the hunt for 300 bu/acre corn.  This means that combined with weather, these two wonders are responsible for up to 50% of yield needed to get to 300 bu corn.  Also, weather plays a big part in the effectiveness of nitrogen.  What does this mean to the grower?  Nitrogen needs to be available to the plant when it needs it the most, which is typically V6 to R1.  So what is the right answer for when and how to apply N on the farm?  Well, that also depends on a lot of factors as well.  Some options may be side-dressing, top-dressing, starters, N stabliizers, and others.  For example, if a grower applies all their N needs for corn in the spring, and it happens to be a really wet spring, who much of that is left for the corn when it really needs it.  As you see there is no right answer, but a good way to go about fertilization is to follow the 4R’s.  That means apply the right product at the right time at the right rate in the right place.  Next week is time for the “3rd wonder of the corn world”, if you got the right answer let know.