Still time for some Sunflowers

Good morning.  Wow what a busy couple weeks we’ve been having around the area.  Growers are doing their best to get the remainder of their crops in between rains.  Many of the growers I have talked to are finished with their corn and small grains but are struggling to finish up their soybeans and sunflowers.  Looking at the calendar, what crops they are going to put in from here on out are really limited, especailly considering how wet some areas still are.  Sunflowers are a great crop to be putting in when we’ve hit the middle of June.  Insurance dates for sunflowers extend from June 5th in Northern ND, June 10th in the rest of ND, June 15th in Northern SD, and June 20th for the rest of SD.   Sunflowers are an unique crop in the fact that when there is excess water they do a very good job of using the excess water and drying the soil, and in dry conditions they are very good at rationing water.  Seeds 2000/Nuseed has a great selection of early season hybrids that will fit in our growing area.  Along with maturity they also have the hybrids that will fit into the market segment that growers are looking for.  I have seen sunflowers planted the last week in June still hit the 2000 lb/acre mark.  So moral of the story is there is still time to get crops in and growers should be strongly thinking about sunflowers to get their acres planted.

On another note, all of the Seeds 2000/Nuseed corn and soybean plots are in the ground.  This last week I’ve been able to get out and take emergence notes on our new and exsisting hybrids.  Everything looks to be handling the cool, wet weather very well.  Our new hyrid 8701 VT2P looks very impressive earning the highest emergence rating of the year.  Looking forward to next week I hope to have some good information to pass along from the Corn States Seed Partner meeting being held this week.  Until then, be safe out in the field and good luck getting your crops in.