Omega-3 deficiency a concern for human health and our oceans

There is an omega-3 deficiency around the world, with only 17% of the population consuming recommended levels. Surprisingly, consumption is lowest in the world’s most prosperous nations.

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It’s concerning because medical experts tell us that omega-3 is an essential nutrient for brain and eye, autoimmune and cardiovascular health. Current fish oil sources harvested from our oceans cannot meet the direct and indirect omega-3 consumption needs of our growing population.

Omega-3 deficit chart

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New seed-based solutions to omega-3 deficiency

Through an international research collaboration, Nuseed® is delivering nutritional, environmental and economic benefits via unique canola hybrids. This seed-based solution will help address the growing global demand for omega-3 oils and relieve pressure on wild fish stocks.

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International collaboration results in unique full spectrum omega-3
Since 2011, Nuseed has collaborated with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) in Australia to develop canola seed with a unique profile that includes long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

This profile offers substantial nutrition and supply advantages with increased DHA levels that provide the building blocks essential for both human health and fish health. The resulting oil is a reliable and scalable land-based source of long-chain omega-3s that will help address the limitations of fish oil.

Availability of new DHA rich omega-3
Regulatory submissions are prepared for Canada and the USA, and have been filed with the relevant authorities in Australia for approval to commence commercial production of Nuseed’s omega-3 canola.

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The resulting DHA rich omega-3 oil will be used as an ingredient in aquaculture feed and in human nutrition. Pending approvals Nuseed anticipates commercial availability by 2018 or 2019. This seed-based solution will deliver a new and sustainable source of long-chain omega-3 for improved health, while relieving the pressure on wild fish stocks.

The aquaculture product is branded Aquaterra™ and the human nutrition product is Nutriterra™. Both products will help meet the increasing demand for long-chain omega-3 oils in these high value markets. Aquaterra will be a reliable and competitive source of omega-3 to promote fish health and to deliver increased levels of these healthy nutrients to consumers of farmed fish. Nutriterra will be a health supplement and food ingredient. Both products are more than just alternative sources of omega-3; they are uniquely rich in DHA, a vital building block of good nutrition.

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