DHA omega-3 canola oil

A collaboration, formed in 2011 between Nuseed, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), aims to develop a genetically modified canola that will produce long-chain omega-3 oil at levels equal to that of wild fish.

With more people around the world seeking the health benefits of long-chain omega-3 oils, an alternative high quality, renewable, sustainable and reliable solution is needed to take the pressure off wild fish stocks, the primary source for such oils.

Development of the canola involves plant to plant gene transfer using advanced precision genetic technologies – that is, genes from one member of the plant kingdom, microalgae, are taken and used in canola to deliver DHA rich oil.

We recently achieved a significant milestone, producing DHA oil levels equal to that found in wild fish. If we are successful, we estimate that one hectare of the DHA canola will deliver the equivalent amount of DHA oil that can be extracted from 10,000 1kg fish.

The team are now moving into full pre-regulatory development with both field and lab performance trials that are carefully monitored and controlled in line with federal regulatory requirements. Material generated in the trials will not enter the feed or food chain.

We aim to have seed available for commercial production by the end of this decade, provided key development milestones are achieved.


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