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Pre-plant Planning: Fertility Rates and Seedbed Prep

Fertility: Soil testing could reduce your input costs “Sunflowers may not require as much nitrogen as other crops,” says Alison Pokrzywinski, Nuseed technical agronomist, “and over-fertilization may do more harm than good.” ......more

Pre-plant Planning: Crop Rotation

The biggest factor influencing sunflower crop success can be rotation. Travis Iglehart’s family has been growing sunflowers for the oil, confection and conoil markets for generations, near Garrison, North Dakota.  When it......more

Pre-plant Planning: Sunflowers vs. Corn or Soybeans

NDSU Crop Comparison – Sunflowers have the advantage over soybeans and corn in regions with dry conditions like central and western North Dakota and South Dakota.  “Under moisture stress, corn and......more

Pre-plant Planning: Choosing Sunflower Hybrids

  Think return on investment and risk management. Ask any producer why they grow sunflowers and nine times out of ten they’ll say they make good money, says Fred Parnow, Nuseed’s Canada......more

Home Field Advantage

Is there still a home field advantage in this global economy? Nuseed’s U.S. based program definitely has benefits for local growers. Hybrids, as well as seed treatments are thoroughly tested in the......more

Lake Region Extension Roundup | Jan 8-9, 2019

Sunflower Production & Market Opportunities Alison Pokrzywinski – Nuseed’s Technical Agronomist Complete Presentation: Sunflower Production & Market Opportunities Attend Lake Region Extension Roundup in Devils Lake, ND on Tuesday, January 8th as......more

Mick Kjar of Farm Talk LIVE at SFU

Join Farm Talk’s Farm Director, Mick Kjar, LIVE from Sunflower University in Bismarck, ND on Dec 11th and Pierre, SD on Dec 13th. Mick will be interviewing SFU speakers, discussing a wide......more