Home Field Sunflower Advantage



Is there a U.S. home field advantage in this global economy?  Nuseed has the best of both – a rich bank of global germplasm and the advantage of a regional nursery and field testing to develop top performing hybrids with specific traits for local growers and processors in the U.S.

Nuseed is the only company that is actively breeding for oilseeds, confectionaries and conoils with all the different herbicide traits:  Clearfield®, Clearfield Plus and DuPont™ ExpressSun®.  The majority of the work is done at the Galchutt, N.D. nursery. 

Situated in the Red River Valley at Galchutt, N.D. – about 12 miles northwest of Wahpeton, N.D., Nuseed’s main breeding nursery provides the ideal environment to test the agronomic performance of the company’s sunflower hybrids.

Breeding efforts are split down the middle with confection and oil hybrids receiving equal attention.  The program’s diversity and the variety of products the company is ready to move forward is unparalleled.  The program is large enough to diversify across multiple seed types and work toward marketing many different seed types and traits.

While other seed companies are pulling back from investment in U.S. breeding activity, Nuseed continues to invest heavily in U.S.-based sunflower research and breeding efforts.

Since 2012, the size, scale and scope of the company’s U.S. sunflower program has tripled.  In addition to the Galchutt nursery, other resources within North America include a state-of-the-art molecular lab to assist in identifying and moving traits in addition to a breeding nursery in Woodland, Calif., where seed production and increase of inbred lines is carried out, as well as developing experimental hybrid seed.  The combined expertise of agronomists, breeders and molecular scientists is a vital asset.

Nuseed’s U.S. based program definitely has benefits for local growers.  Sunflower hybrids, as well as seed treatments, are tested in the same regions as customers’ fields.  Disease pressure and insects are geographically dependent.  The ability to screen in these environments gives an advantage to select for parent lines and hybrids that perform the best in the regional conditions.  Along with the implementation of an extensive global quality assurance program, only the very best goes in a Nuseed bag.

Listen to Mick Kjar of Farm Talk and Jed Wall  of Legend Seeds advantages of Nuseed’s local breeding nurseries and global resources. https://chirb.it/r2OCgn


Nuseed can also draw upon resources and talent from its global facilities, including three international breeding programs located in Argentina, Serbia and Australia.  The growth of Nuseed’s access to the best of global sunflower germplasm is the result of these key strategic global acquisitions:

  • 2011 Seeds 2000 – USA/South America
  • 2011 Super Seeds Europe
  • 2010 Flower Genetics USA
  • 2008 Lefroy Seeds Australia

In 2015 Nuseed and Legend Seeds of South Dakota partnered for an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement that gives the strong combination of Nuseed genetics and Legend Seeds sales and service grower support.  The combination is a U.S. home field advantage that benefits the entire sunflower industry.


Nuseed’s U.S.-based nurseries are the breeding ground for superior sunflower hybrids. Here’s why:

  • Nurseries are strategically planted in sunflower-growing areas in the United States
  • Nuseed is the only multinational company working with all hybrid types and herbicide traits
  • Industry leading molecular lab and breeding nursery located in Woodland, California
  • Largest confection hybrid breeding program in North America
  • Hybrids are developed in U.S.- based nurseries to take advantage of disease and insect pressures for trait selection
  • Nuseed’s 50-acre, primary sunflower nursery is located at Galchutt, N.D.