Nuseed Announces Big Iron Contest Winners

Nuseed would like to thank all of our customers who entered the Largest Nuseed Corn cob and Nuseed Sunflower head contest we held at Big Iron this year.

Congratulations to the winners!  They are as listed:

1. Kyle Nelson of Rutland, ND   9202VT2P RIB
2. Jim Hanson of Turton, SD   9504VT3P RIB
3. Gary Novotny of Wyndmere, ND   2903

1. Andy Hoenhause of Lisbon, ND   Camaro II

2. 3-way tie for second:
Ken Vandervorst of Pollock, SD   Badger CL
Harlen Doll of New Salem, ND   Badger CL
Eric Engelstad of Fertile, MN   Talon

Mastercard® gift cards to each of the above are forthcoming.  Enjoy!