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Harvesting Attachments & Settings Reduce Loss

Sunflower Specific Headers & Adjustments Reduce Loss Combines used for small grains can be adapted to harvest sunflowers. While a row-crop header can be used without modifications, platform and corn headers require......more

Sunflower Harvest Checklist

  Before you start up the combine this fall, review this checklist as a quick reminder of best practices to attain optimal yields and reduce field losses at sunflower harvest. 1) Desiccants......more

Time to Try Desiccation?

Desiccate for improved quality plus risk and time management. Natural sunflower dry down can be slow and uneven. Desiccants decrease losses due to inclement weather, lodging and bird depredation by speeding up......more

Scouting for Seed Weevils During Bloom

Important to be scouting for red sunflower seed weevils during bloom. Watch the video with Alison Pokrzywinski, Nuseed’s Technical Agronomist, discussing what and how to look for seed weevils while sunflowers are......more

Watch for Seed Weevils Pre-Bloom

Click on the image below to watch a video showing what to look for when scouting for seed weevils in pre-bloom sunflowers. #winningwithsunflowers  ...more

Canola R&D Collaboration Focuses on North American Market

Nuseed and DL Seeds announced they’ve entered into a spring canola research and development collaboration where they will contribute capabilities, proprietary traits, and top canola genetics from their breeding programs. The North......more

Join Nuseed & Legend Seeds at NSA Seminar

2018 NSA Summer Seminar is June 26-28 at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, MN.   Stop by the coffee breaks on Wednesday, June 27th at 10:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. to visit with Nuseed......more

Limited Choices for Post Emergent Herbicides

There are limited choices for post emergent herbicides in sunflowers and the window is small. Understanding how to stage sunflowers will help you not get caught off-guard and apply your post-emergent herbicide......more