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Pre-plant Checklists Beyond the Planter

TIPS BEYOND THE PLANTER  Soil Temperature Soil temperature needs to be at 50°F or more for your chosen soil depth (1.5 to 2.5 inches). Planting sunflower seed into cold soils may cause......more

Planter Maintenance & Settings Vital

The right planter maintenance and settings are vital to seeding all types of sunflowers, and becomes even more important the larger the seed size. Planter mechanical issues can lead to undesirable large......more

Nuseed Seed Treatment Technology Initiative

Providing the latest research and information on crop production to sunflower growers, such as new products and practices, is vital says Jeff Coultas, a consulting agronomist overseeing the Nuseed® Seed Treatment Technology......more

Home Field Sunflower Advantage

LOCAL R&D ADVANTAGE #winningwithsunflowers Is there a U.S. home field advantage in this global economy?  Nuseed has the best of both – a rich bank of global germplasm and the advantage of......more

What’s NEW for this season?

Check out what’s NEW from NUSEED for this growing season! Oil, confection, or conoil – there’s a NUSEED sunflower hybrid right for every market and every farm. Contact Legend Seeds to secure......more

Proper Seedbed Prep

Proper seedbed preparation is required prior to seeding sunflowers. Whether it’s conventional- till or no-till, an even seedbed promotes uniform germination and emergence, and good plant stand establishment. Iglehart uses a true......more

Fertilizer Rate Recommendations

After rotation, meeting the crop’s specific nutrition and fertilizer requirements are important to attain best results, says Iglehart. Each year, he has his soil analyzed by a company offering soil testing, precision......more

Open vs Contract Markets

After planning sunflowers into the rotation, and before purchasing seed, an understanding of the different sunflower markets is important. Whether it’s oil, confection or conoil, markets play a central role in a......more

Crop Rotation Planning

Travis Iglehart knows a thing or two about planting sunflowers for commercial production. His family has been growing the crop for the oil, confection and conoil markets for three generations at Iglehart......more

Risk vs Reward

“Often it’s not just about the yield. There are so many other important aspects to what makes a sunflower hybrid the right fit on a farm,” says Pokrzywinski. When choosing a hybrid,......more