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Open vs Contract Markets

After planning sunflowers into the rotation, and before purchasing seed, an understanding of the different sunflower markets is important. Whether it’s oil, confection or conoil, markets play a central role in a......more

Crop Rotation Planning

Travis Iglehart knows a thing or two about planting sunflowers for commercial production. His family has been growing the crop for the oil, confection and conoil markets for three generations at Iglehart......more

Risk vs Reward

“Often it’s not just about the yield. There are so many other important aspects to what makes a sunflower hybrid the right fit on a farm,” says Pokrzywinski. When choosing a hybrid,......more

Winning With Sunflowers

Choosing Sunflower Hybrids Listen to Mick Kjar of Farm Talk, and Trygg Olson of Nuseed, discuss the key points to consider when considering sunflowers as a crop on your farm. Ask any......more

Excellent Choices For NuSun® Market

   N4HM354 – a top NEW hybrid in high demand FALCON – easy to grow, easy to market CAMARO II – high performance root and stalk strength with stacked disease resistance Nuseed has......more

KMOT – Thanks for visiting the Nuseed booth!

Nuseed would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by the Nuseed booth at KMOT to discuss the benefits of planting sunflowers in 2018.  As a follow-up, we are......more


Many growers from across the region, including Canada attend KMOT Ag Expo January 24-26 in Minot, ND to assess their current farming operation and make improvements for the upcoming season.  “It’s a......more

Hear what’s NEW for 2018!

New 2018 Hybrids Click link below to listen to KQLX Network interview with Terry Loomis & Alison Pokrzywinski, Nuseed’s Agronomist, discussing new hybrids for the 2018 growing season!  ...more

New crop based alternative to fish oil

Independent study confirms no difference between salmon fed omega-3 canola and those fed fish oil. A freshwater research study by NOFIMA, one of Europe’s largest institutes for applied research in the fields......more