Nuseed news

Nuseed means “NEW” sunflower products!

Nuseed’s name implies a lot, introducing three BRAND NEW sunflower hybrids for 2017 that will add dollars to your bottom line, including a NuSun®, conoil, and confection hybrid. N4HM354 is Nuseed’s most widely......more

What’s in a name?

As Nuseed moves forward with adding new innovative high quality hybrids to their sunflower lineup, our process for naming the hybrids has been updated to help you better understand what traits and......more

Dakotafest – Mitchell SD – August 16-18, 2016

Stop by the Legend Seeds display at Dakotafest in Mitchell, SD August 16-18 to learn more about Nuseed’s new hybrids now being distributed exclusively by Legend Seeds. Hope to see you there!...more