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Point of View: The Science of SunflowersWahpeton Daily News | June 14, 2017

Sunflowers are one of the most photogenic crops grown in the southern Red River Valley. Their bright yellow faces under crystal blue skies represent summer on the plains.

In addition to being a visually attractive agricultural product, important research and breeding is done with sunflowers right here in the Twin Towns.

At Nuseed, sunflowers are their priority. The Breckenridge location may well be the company’s biggest sunflower station. The three sunflower seed markets Nuseed provides for are oil, confection and conoil.

Jim Gerdes, Nuseed Global breeding leader, works with sunflowers and trait development. Jeremy Klumper, oil seed sunflower breeder for the company’s North American location, is also the trial manager for North America and oversees the company’s European program.

The two experts spoke with the Daily News last week at their breeding nursery in Galchutt, North Dakota, about the work they’re doing to improve sunflower seeds and create new hybrids to meet demand.

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