Solution to Combine Fires in Sunflowers

DSH Engineering, L.L.C. | South Dakota State University


Research conducted at South Dakota State University, and funded by the South Dakota Oilseeds Council and the National Sunflower Association, has resulted in a solution to the problem of frequent fires when harvesting sunflowers. The solution involves adding a hardware system to the combine that prevents the ignition of volatile aerosol dust near hot exhaust components. The system has been tested over five harvest seasons on several common combine models, and has successfully allowed producers to utilize full machine capacity without fires, even during warm dry harvest seasons. There are currently eight installations of this solution in use in the Dakotas.

Because of variations in exhaust systems the design of the hardware solution is specific to different makes and models of combines. System components were developed as a part of the research effort to fit to several common combine models including the John Deere 9770, and Case IH 8120 and 8230. These kits may also fit other models that use the same engine and exhaust system.

Availability:  The solution will be available to interested producers beginning in the late summer of 2017. We will initially be able to generate kits for the JD 9770 and the Case models 8230 and 8120 (2010 year and later depending upon serial number). We will take orders for systems for these models up until July 1, 2017. After that date I cannot promise a system prior to the 2017 harvest because of manufacturing lead times. If you have a combine model that is newer or older than these, and you wish to have a system, please contact us at the E-Mail address below about the possible development of a kit for your model. While we cannot guarantee a kit for all models we will add designs where it is possible to accommodate older machines and new Tier IV models.

Cost:  Kits are priced at $4250 each, plus any applicable ag excise tax. We cannot do installations but will provide instructions, or YouTube videos, to guide the process.

Contact: I do not yet have a web site. If you have questions or wish to provide information about other combine models you may contact me by E-Mail at the address below.

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Disclaimer: The system offered here is intended to prevent ignition of dusts at hot exhaust system components. It will not prevent fires that originate with hot bearings, electrical shorts, or friction that can cause high temperatures. Operator vigilance for these ignition sources is still required.