Spring Drying & Storage Critical

National Sunflower Association | Sunflower Highlights | Mar 13, 2017

Temperatures are finally warming up a bit, and as temps increase, it is important to pay special attention to stored sunflowers. An increase in outdoor temperature and solar heat warms bins, and increases the stored sunflower temperature. Some tips to keep stored sunflower from getting too warm:
• Run aeration fans periodically to keep the temperature at a proper level.
• Monitor stored sunflowers closely to detect any storage problems early.
• Check the moisture content of stored sunflower to determine if it needs to be dried. Oil sunflowers need to be dried to 8 percent for summer storage to prevent spoilage.

For more information on drying and storing, visit: www.sunflowernsa.com/growers/HarvestingStorage/Drying–Storing-Sunflowers/