Start Scouting for Insect Pests

Start Scouting for Banded Sunflower Moth and Red Sunflower Seed Weevil

NSA Sufnlower Highlights | July 24, 2017

As sunflower fields begin to bloom, adults of red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) will be emerging soon and will fly to the nearest flowering sunflowers. RSSW are small (2.5 to 3.1 mm long) with a snout and are reddish-orange. Banded sunflower moth can be identified by its small size (1/4 inch long) and its forewings with a triangular, dark brown band across the middle of the wing. Once the decision to treat has been made, it is critical to time the spray application correctly to get effective management of all sunflower head insects including RSSW, BSM, sunflower moth, and Lygus bug. The best sunflower plant stage to treat is when the majority of the plants are in the R5.1 growth stage (when pollen shed on 10% of the outer rim of the sunflower head) in a field. Read more about scouting for insects, and the best treatments on our website, Learn more about the 2017 Action Thresholds for both insects, here: Please see the 2017 ND Field Crop Insect Management Guide for insecticides registered in sunflower.