Sunflower is an Option for Damaged Wheat Acres

Producers who had winter wheat damaged by the recent snowstorm and freezing temps in the High Plains can consider planting sunflower if the first crop is ‘zeroed out’. The USDA Risk Management Agency will allow a second crop to be planted and insured on non-irrigated ‘zeroed’ acres if the wheat has not reached the headed stage. If the wheat was in the headed stage, you could still plant sunflower but cannot insure it. For irrigated acreage, sunflower can be planted and insured following a failed wheat crop regardless of the developmental stage of the failed wheat if it is irrigated and insured as an irrigated crop. 2017 new crop cash and Act of God contracts are still available for sunflower. Contact your local insurance agent to check out this option.

NSA Sunflower Highlights – May 8, 2017