Nuseed sorghum

Revolutionary sorghum.

Nuseed understands the incredible potential sorghum holds for feeding and fueling our world.

That’s why we’re creating advanced hybrids that produce better flour for human food production and deliver more nutrition to livestock . It’s the reason we are developing hybrids with herbicide tolerance for better, more environmentally friendly weed control.

This all comes with one goal in mind: maximizing rewards for everyone in the value chain. From providing options for food grade sorghum to making sorghum production more efficient and profitable, we are working to anticipate demand from consumers and create opportunity for farmers and processors.

Nuseed is creating advanced grain sorghum hybrids that exhibit excellent vigor and disease resistance to produce premium quality grain. We offer a full line of forage hybrids that are quality tested and proven to deliver.

And, our Wholis™ line of premium food grade sorghum hybrids are providing new, healthy grain choices for consumers, while creating new profit opportunities for today’s food industry.

Learn more about our commitment to innovation, and how it adds value for our customers.